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Why Employer Branding is Imperative to your Hiring Strategy
August 8, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Devayani Bapat

"If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.”

David Brier

As marketing and branding expert, David Brier said, if you do not define your company’s image in a hiring space, then the pool of potential candidates trying to score a job with your company, will.

Rumors, gossip, false information often spread like wildfire, and to curb that and build on positive perception, branding your company, the way you see it is a must.

Four Reasons Why Employer Branding is Imperative to your Hiring Strategy

1. The First Impression is the Last Impression

2. Cost-effective Hiring Strategy

3. Enhanced Candidate Pool

4. Higher Employee Value Proposition

1. The First impression is the Last Impression

As it is often said, the first impression truly is the last impression. People always tend to judge a book by its cover and having a good brand image in front of everyone is what is going to make your company stand out to the crowd. Now many might ask, sure, why not, we’ll build a brand, but what is employer branding in the first place? Let us outline the nitty-gritty of it to you.

Employer branding is merely you as a firm, defining the reason for your being and the crux of your philosophy, to your candidates. It is the process of indulging in activities, big or small, to ensure that you outline and highlight your goals to people who are interested in your company, as well as those who don’t really know about it either. For instance, if you’re a firm that builds but also believes in giving back to the environment, then a policy you would invest in is one that supports and works for the environment. This will help you attract candidates that are environmentally conscious and are in line with your mission.

2. Cost Effective Hiring Strategy

The road to success for an employer branding strategy is mapped out with a great return on investment. The best part about this approach to recruitment is that this strategy is a cost-effective one at that. With the help of an effective employer branding strategy, one can save costs on explaining their company vision to each candidate personally. If carried out correctly, the candidates applying to and interviewing with your firm are already aware of everything it stands for thereby helping you save time on the process as opposed to wasting time on candidates that apply and appear for interviews without sufficient knowledge or any connection with the company.

3. Good Candidate Pool

An employer branding strategy is a great way to get yourself an enhanced candidate pool. The talent applying to your firm will be more niche and focused, as the people applying to your firm will truly be just those who are genuinely interested in working with your company. If you as an employer build your brand perception out to be a certain way, people applying will not only be aware of what the company stands for but also be well aware of the kind of work culture they're getting into. This thereby helps the candidates to make an informed decision about their application, in turn providing you as an employer with an apt set of people applying.

4. Helps Build a Higher Employee Value Proposition

Employee value proposition is the way in which a company works towards building a positive and good work environment for its workers. An employer branding strategy helps a company maintain a positive and motivating atmosphere, one that is amicable and fun to work in. This helps to increase productivity amongst employees too, thereby resulting in nothing but a win for one, win for all situation.

An EVP helps a company contribute to boosting the morale of its candidates, making them feel valued. Employer branding not only helps the company but also its people and prospective employees too. Investing in building a brand, a family, is what we at Archslate urge you to do. Build personal connections, network better and tread on the path of success. With the right attitude in tow, nothing can stop you, we promise.


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