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The Power Of Niche Job Boards & How Archslate can help.
July 27, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Devayani Bapat
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A lot of people like to believe that job boards are dying out. Job boards however are one thing, a niche job board is another. While many like to believe that the power of job boards is one that is declining drastically, we want to reinstate your faith in them and in niche job boards, more than ever before.

What are Niche Job Boards and Why They are Relevant to You

1. What is a niche job board?

2. Archslate - A niche job board

3. How do niche job boards help

4. How ArchSlate helps the cause

1. What is a niche job board?

Now many of you might ask what is the difference between a regular job board and a niche one. A regular job board is one that is home to employment opportunities from possibly every field we have out there whereas a niche job board (shoutout to our very own platform, Archslate) is one that is specific to an industry.

A niche job board helps an employer to target job advertisements to candidates that are interested in and keen to apply for roles within that field. This helps ensure that the talent pool within the industry keeps growing and stays streamlined too. This also helps in ensuring that the job opportunities that are available to candidates are relevant and the quality of applications drastically improves as well, helping recruiters sift through and shortlist potential employees with ease.

2. Archslate - A niche job board :

We at ArchSlate, as a niche architecture-only job board, are a platform that works for employers as well as employees. With processes that help highlight your work, culture, and diverse backgrounds, we as a platform believe in ensuring equal opportunities to one and all. Be it underrepresented communities or the so-called “weaker sex”, women, we believe in uplifting and bringing empowering opportunities to everybody interested in contributing to the cause of architecture.

3. Niche job boards and how they help :

While a platform such as LinkedIn can ensure traffic for you, very often it also brings to your company, applications from people that truly don’t belong to and aren’t from the field. From irrelevant candidates applying to your firm to a lot of inexperienced or overqualified individuals dropping i