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How to find an Architecture job in four steps
April 8, 2021 at 10:00 PM
by Devayani Bapat

“Ping” goes the laptop, it’s an email. My heart is beating at the speed of lightning. It’s an email from the architecture firm I applied to last week. With a shiver in my arm and quiver in my mannerism, my hand hovers over the mousepad on my keyboard. I somehow manage to muster up the courage to drag the mouse over onto my only unread email in my inbox. I open up the email, my palm covering my eyes. I look at my screen and my heart sinks, “Unfortunately, we had over 1000 applicants this time, so we will not be moving forward with your application,” it reads.

Now I’m sure this has happened to many of you reading this blog post in the past and I’m sure a lot of you feel my emotion of disappointment too, well fret not, here I am to turn your frown upside down and share with you in 4 steps, how you can land yourself a great architecture job! So read on and find out more!

Here are 4 steps to find an Architecture job

  1. Send in an application to the hiring architect
  2. Make sure your application is location specific
  3. Tap into your network, recommendations work!
  4. Ace the interview

1. Send in applications only to the hiring architect

A job posting reads - Graduate job at Architecture firm, freshers welcome to apply. Send across your portfolio, cover letter and résumé to our company via this portal. You sit formatting your portfolio, wracking hours over which projects to involve as a part of your application to showcase versatility. You then sit and downsize your documents to a size compatible with the portal. You filter out your résumé to highlight skills that you believe will add value to the company that you are seeking to be associated with. You take the time to tailorise your cover letter apt to impress the firm and its employees.

Once you’re all uploaded, you hit send and then a computer automated system filters out your application based on keywords and relevance of experience and sends across your candidature to someone in HR with little or some knowledge of architecture who then sifts through your profile and decides whether you land that interview or not. Instead of going through the trouble of this process and barely getting a second glance, make sure you send in your application directly to the hiring architect to eliminate system and human error. It will give you a better shot at getting noticed and eventually getting that interview call you deserve.

2. Make sure your application is location specific

Now this one is extremely important for whenever you’re applying to any job, be it the role of an architect, journalist or engineer amongst others. If a job posting has been put out for New York and you’re in Boston, the chances that your application doesn’t make the cut (unless it's a remote working position) are very high.

A hiring manager looking to recruit in New York would rather shortlist candidates that are local to the area as they can easily set up an interview without any hassle. If you happen to be in another part of the world looking to move to the geographical location of the job location then make sure you specify that in your email to the HR Manager. Make sure you state that you’re looking to move to New york (in this case) from boston in the coming months and also mention a time and date that you might be in the city in order to facilitate the smooth setting up of an interview.

3. Tap into your network, recommendations work!

If you’re fresh off the boat of graduation or even looking to switch jobs, make sure you tap into your network. Make sure you network with all the right people, stay in touch with alumni from your grad school, professors, friends, family and absolutely any and everyone connected to the field of architecture in order to get yourself a kickass recommendation or referral that could definitely land you an interview with your dream firm in order for you to make your mark.

If you’ve pursued an internship, ensure you give it your all and work hard to impress your senior bosses in order to get that pat on the back from them and potentially get absorbed into the company or if you’ve already been hard at work with a firm make sure you maintain your standard of work and your work equation with your team and bosses in order to get that fabulous recommendation if you’re making a switch. Referrals work well in this field, so make sure you always keep that at the back of your mind!

4. Ace the interview

The interview is your one chance to impress the hiring manager and make sure you lock in the deal with an excellent sales pitch. An interview is like stand-up comedy, once you get on stage you’ve got one chance and about 20 minutes to make the audience laugh, so you ought to give it your best shot. Share your goals, aspirations, passion projects, strengths, weaknesses and more with your interviewer and make sure to cast a lasting impression on him/her.

Treat your interview like a one way ticket to the dreamland that is the field of architecture for you. From looking the part (formals are an absolute must) to making sure you’ve got your bag of goodies to impress (your portfolio and your résumé) handy and your game face on (confidence, a good attitude and a smile) you’re good to go! Walk the walk, talk the talk and they’re sure to give you the part.

That’s it from me folks. I hope these tips and tricks help motivate you to get going with those job applications and help you land your dream job! Stay positive, be agile and look out for the plethora of the best opportunities that are sure to come your way and you guys know it, if there’s any help you need, we at ArchSlate are looking to make this journey for you, a great and memorable one :)