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Some of the Best Architectural Firms to Work at in 2021
October 2, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Mamathaa Hemanth

For an Industry such as Architecture, the Pandemic was a severe hit, cutting off projects and causing economic imbalance all over. But that didn’t stop Firms from adapting and improvising their ways, pushing through the trenches, and creating stellar new projects that open windows for professionals to show their potential to the world.

Here are Some of the Best Architectural Companies to Work at in 2021

1. Shulin Architectural Design

2. Foster + Partners

3. MGA | Michael Green Architecture

4. MASS Design Group

5. noa* – Network of Architecture

1. Shulin Architectural Design

Image Credits - © Yilong Zhao

Situated in Hangzhou, this China-based firm, was started in the countryside for renovation and renewal projects. The company insists on starting from small projects, paying attention to rural geography (tectonics e.t.c), respecting the authenticity of construction and the availability of materials locally, researching the relationship between nature and architecture, people, and the environment, and blending new and old. The firm is gradually improving and changing the world of architecture with its unique approach.

2. Foster + Partners

Image Credits - Foster + Partners

This United Kingdom-based firm is a global studio for sustainable architecture, engineering, urbanism, and industrial design, founded by Norman Foster in 1967. Since then, he and his team have established an international practice with a worldwide reputation. With reach around the world, they work as a single studio that is both ethnically and culturally diverse as well as welcoming. One of the unique attributes of the firm are the many times it has partnered with Apple in order to bring to life the tech giant's retail vision through a number of striking Apple Stores designed all over the world. Sustainability is the main goal of the firm, auditing all projects against global standards while developing significant strategies that drive our environmental agendas.

3. MGA| Michael Green Architecture

Image Credits - MGA

Michael Green Architecture is a Vancouver, Canada-based firm that takes on a diverse variety of projects from small boutique interiors to large company buildings. With the help of their skillful architects, interior designers, graphic designers, urban planners, and researchers they have reached the height of fame both locally and internationally.

4. MASS Design Group

Image Credits - Mass Design Group

MASS Design Group | Model of Architecture Serving Society advocates for architecture promoting human justice and dignity. MASS was founded in Boston USA, in 2008. The firm has built itself into a team of 140+ architects, landscape architects, engineers, furniture designers, writers, filmmakers, and researchers over the years, with 20 countries on board. Their projects include sustainable, resilient, and regenerative health designs that produce diverse, healthy, and productive habitats for human, animal, and ecological growth.

5. noa*| Network Of Architecture

Image Credits - noa*

noa* is a juvenile studio focusing on the concept of “emergence” in its designs. noa* was founded in 2011 in Bolzano, Italy. Using a new, unique approach, they promote the staff to implement methods that help evolve the design in tandem with the project, resulting in a building that emerges from its surroundings. Network of architecture specializes in hospitality design, particularly a combination of tourism and modern living. Materiality is the prime language of this firm.


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