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Archslate is where Architectural hiring happens!
No recruiters. No percentage cuts. No third party agencies.
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This is what Architectural hiring looks like
Hire employees that become assets. Find a company that becomes home.

Archslate is where Architects and designers get hired
Less browsing. More hiring.

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    Your all-in-one portal

    Our platform connects candidates and employers together to make the best matches possible. No middleman, no hassles. Finding your dream job has never been easier.

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    The easiest way to hire

    Sick of the convoluted and expensive hiring process using third party recruiters? We're excited to inform you that you have a better option. Archslate connects you with top talent while eliminating the tedious traditional hiring process that makes expanding your team a hassle.

A profession where two plus two is not not equal to four, doesnt need to hire the best but the right candidates that understand its firm culture. We are happy that Jina found the right candidates for her Landcsape Architecture firm that kept her going through thick and thin.

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Often times its not about 'how many you hire' but 'who have you hired'. Your employees are going to be your driving force in the first few years to make that Architecture firm a success. Attracting and retaining this talent is what Archslate aims to help every company here.

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Our mission is to help the next-gen Architects find something that they are passionate about, even in their first job. which can be We understand that finding a new job in the architecture industry can be a hassle. That's why we're here to streamline the process and centralize your job search in one place.

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A home for every Architect

Take inspiration, share your work, and connect with your dream team. Archslate's revolutionary platform gives you the ability to follow potential candidates, check out portfolios, and save companies that you like. Finding your next gig has never been easier.

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    Make Connections

    Find a firm that resonates best with you. Using our platform, you'll get insights into the company culture, work, experience, and much more.

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    Take Inspirations Get inspired by viewing the profiles and portfolios of other candidates and companies. See who is a good fit, or which company you're interested in working for.

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    Share Your Work

    Share your work with thousands of other companies and fellow candidates. Showcase your skills and talents in one, streamlined place.