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Simple answers to frequent questions

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  • Q. How can I hire architects through Archslate?

    Archslate allows you to post jobs while branding your firm's work and culture through your personalised dashboard. Once the profile is ready, you can post your job requirements using our jobs template which will reach the targeted audience.

  • Q. Why should I hire an architect through Archslate?

    Archslate is the first and only go-to jobs marketplace for Architects that gets you the right talent for your company from a pool of highly skilled Architects. It is the most trusted tool where you can manage applicants, browse portfolios, schedule interviews and make seamless offers all in one place.

  • Q. Does Archslate help me with hiring architectural candidates?

    Archslate has a team of experts who can help you with every step of your hiring process. Our Pro service also includes curating job description, pre-screening candidates, and consultation.

  • Q. Can Archslate help me beyond hiring?

    Definitely, Archslate believes in community building and we aim to address social concerns in the work environment such as equality, diversity and so on. Through Archslate, not only do you hire employees but also a tool to build a better team.

  • Q. How do I post my job?

    Our job template is one of the most well articulated templates with easy toggles and pre-populated options. You can fill it in minutes and post it. We also provide you with services and expertise to curate your job templates if required.

  • Q. How many jobs am I allowed to post?
  • Q. Does Archslate offer free job posting?

    Yes, Archslate’s mission - ‘A job for every Architect, A talent for every company’, makes it possible to have an absolutely free platform for employers.

    To help you gain success, we have made our basic plan free of cost.

  • Q. How many architects can I screen?

    You can screen all the applicants. To simplify your work, we rank the qualified applicants and filter out the applicants that do not match your criteria. This way you can shortlist the right candidate with far more ease.

  • Q. How is hiring through Archslate transparent?

    With Archslate, you can get rid of all your third party subscription and application tracking systems. We remove the middlemen and directly connect you with the candidate. This helps you develop the correct attitude towards your new assets, right from the hiring stage to building the dream team for your organization.

  • Q. Which one is the most recommended pricing plan on Archslate?

    Depending on your team size you can choose between the Pro and the Pro plus plans. Archslate recommends Pro plan to meet your overall hiring process. In addition, our support team is at your service to provide you with detailed guidance for choosing the right plan for you.

  • Q. Does Archslate really provide architectural job posts for free?

    Yes! You read it right, our base plan is for free where you can post a job for 30 days along with receiving ideal candidates. Don’t just take our word, try it yourself today!

  • Q. What does the Pro plus plan offer which other hiring platforms don’t?

    Our plan does not end just at job posting. We provide you with extensive services from curating job descriptions, vetting and pre-screening candidates, application tracking, scheduling and making final offers. With the Pro plus plan, your job post can stay up to 90 days. We doubt any other hiring company provides at the cost and quality that we do.

For Candidates

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  • Q. How long does it take to make a portfolio on Archslate?

    Well, if your drawings are ready to be uploaded, you can finish your online portfolio and CV in an hour - that's it!

  • Q. Can the Archslate portfolio be used for other purposes beyond job applications?

    Yes, of course! Rather why not. It's your amazing portfolio feel free to flaunt your talent.

  • Q. How to make an Architecture Portfolio?

    Making an Architecture portfolio is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Some people even spend months on it. That's why we introduced a new way to make your portfolio within a day. Thanks to our seamless portfolio builder that uses drag and drop tools to curate your beautiful portfolio. You can get started here.

  • Q. Do I need to upload any portfolio or CV?

    We understand how frustrating compressing, uploading and re-uploading files can get. Welcome to the new age for the Next-Gen architects, where your resumes, portfolio and application can be done in a few clicks. With Archslate you need to create your profile once and you can use it multiple times to connect with several employers of your choice.

  • Q. What should I include in my resume or CV to get my architecture dream job?

    You can now happily say goodbye to this much-debated topic. After almost a year of thorough research and analysis, we have crafted a dashboard that employers love to see. Introducing the one-glance easy to read resume that covers the most important information about you in a graphic format, making it easy for employers to fully understand your talent.

  • Q. What should I look for while searching for a architecture job?

    As a job seeker, our advice is not to indulge with every job post that you see. Archslate takes care that every job here displays enough information for you to make the right decision. Moreover our algorithm makes sure that we connect your passion to the right place by sending you a list of recommended jobs which we feel are right for you. You could book an appointment with one of our experts here. For more details check out Archslates recent blogs written by our experts.

  • Q. How many jobs can I apply at a given time?

    As many as you would like. We would just recommend you to apply wisely.

  • Q. What is one-click apply on Archslate?

    1 - click apply is a next-gen solution to get you the job you deserve. On average, an architect spends 1.5 to 3 hours making a job application. Unlike other platforms, our 1-click apply works because it is specifically tailored for you to reach the employer within minutes.

  • Q. How do I get updated about the application process?

    You can log in to your account and track your application under your ‘applied jobs’ section. If you have your email notifications turned on, you will be receiving an update there as well.

  • Q. What are the best chances or tips to get hired better via Archslate?

    Make sure that you fill out all your profile details to the best as you can. This includes your work history, your past affiliations, any licenses and your expertise. Completing all fields will get you higher chances of matching to the right employer thus, getting you much closer to your dream job.

  • Q. How to schedule a job interview?

    Once you have been selected for an interview, the employer will request you to give your preferred time slots. The entire hiring process is carried out seamlessly on Archslate so you can avoid the awkward back-and-forth emailing.

  • Q. How do I get updates about my job applications?

    Login to your Archslate account, under My jobs you will be able to track all the applications that you have done using the 1-click apply button. You will also be able to track each job according to its various stages so you can get the most accurate status without ever having to send follow up emails to the employer.

  • Q. Does Archslate help me with the interview process?

    If you are feeling nervous, our team is here to help you with mock-up interviews. These are Architects themselves who have been on both sides of the table and will guide you in getting your confidence. For tips on how to give a successful interview, please check our blog!

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