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Building buildings is not Architecture - The Job and Everything that Comes Along with it
July 31, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Devayani Bapat

Architecture is a complex discipline. The concept of architecture is often misunderstood. When one thinks of an architect, more often than not, people tend to have this preconceived notion regarding what they do when on the job. A common misconception is that architects only build buildings.

Is architecture merely building buildings? Not at all. There’s so much more that comes along with the job. One needs to look at the bigger picture and understand that architecture is an amalgamation of culture, history, tradition, nature, design, and the creative marriage of technique and economy and not just slapping on some cement on bricks to then make a tall building.

What Truly Encompasses Architecture

1. What is Architecture - the cohesive coming together of culture, climate, terrain, finance, and technology.

2. Who is an Architect? Not just someone who builds buildings, the design options are in fact unlimited.

3. Architecture is vast and entails a lot more than building buildings.

4. Overview.

1. What is Architecture?

So what is architecture, one might ask? Architecture is the cohesive coming together of culture, terrain, finance, and technology; to provide a wholesome design to suit the situational requirements of society. As one travels across the world, even across the contiguous United States, one will get to see and experience a variety of different types of textures, designs, and colors. This varies based on everything from the climatic conditions in a particular region to the religious and traditional values that the inhabitants of the area believe in. For instance, if one visits Turkey, the architecture in the country is a visual treat consisting of hues of white, grey, and blue along with domes and conical doorways lining the streets whereas when one visits LA the homes are big and spacious with pools, backyards and a patio with some summer seating which exhibits how homes are tailored to the weather conditions in the area.

2. Who is an Architect?

While culture and tradition play an important role in shaping the way architecture is viewed, discussed, and implemented in a particular village, city, country, or continent; technology and finance plays an equal role in the coming together of infrastructure in a given place. An architect not only puts the design for a space in place but also has to put forth a blueprint that is technically sound. Apart from this, the job of an architect also entails ensuring that plans for spaces are made in accordance with the economical funds available. In short, it is an architect's duty t