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Architecture Firms Synonymous to their Architecture Types
October 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Mamathaa Hemanth

Creating a list of industry magnates, we sought to compile a comprehensive telling of Firms in the Architecture and Design industry that are unique and are able to constantly excel at their Architecture type. From landscape architecture to Technology Architecture, we have mentioned Firms that stand out among many others in their own architecture type.

Staying a cut above the rest, these firms have proved that being committed to providing clients an uncompromising standard of good is possible while staying true to their promises to equity, communities, and their chosen discipline of architecture, all compounded with a sense of uniqueness and eclectic ideas in relation to the built environment.

Here are 4 Architecture Disciplines that the Firms we have Mentioned Excel at

1. Landscape Architecture

2. Residential Architecture

3. Restoration Architecture

4. Technology Architecture

1. Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architects Andrea Cochran

As they put it, the ACLA “sculpts and navigates space through seamless integration of landscape, art, and architecture. Our work draws boundaries with a controlled palette of materials, creating permeable edges that blur the line between the natural and built environment.” This approach led the firm to win the 2014 Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award.

Bensley Design Studio

Located in Bangkok and Bali, BDS has been one of the biggest business tycoons since 1989 and employs more than 150 designers, artists, landscape architects, interior designers, and architects. The company usually works with 5-star hotels but strives to deliver the whole package, including unique details such as menus, trash cans, tables, and other site furnishings. With an uncompromising focus on sustainability, they are able to blend architecture with the Earth in extraordinary ways.

Vincent Van Duysen

Duysen believes that architecture isn't supposed to demand attention but rather be a silent visual experience. His detail-oriented approach and choice of materials are tailored according to the client’s needs. His first completed public project -Pulcinella Youth hostel in Antwerp in 2010 received much appreciation. Later, he worked on IBA headquarters offices, T offices, and various public projects. His firm follows the same approach to building

2. Residential Architecture

Park + Associates

Park + Associates was established in 1999 in Singapore and has since grown to be a studio made up of dedicated like-minded individuals that strive towards shared virtues both conceptual and aesthetic. This standard is formed across all levels of experience within the office. The firm’s determination to achieve is strong, and as a result, produces a working environment that is intense yet vibrant and conducive for enhancing design discourse.

Faulkner Architects

Faulkner Architects was formed in 1998 by Greg Faulkner to follow the development of highly crafted, site-sensitive spaces. Only with a staff of eight operate from two offices, one near Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains and one in Berkeley near the San Francisco Bay. The projects of the firm range from hospitality projects to institutional buildings (including master planning), though the firm is best known for private houses, small and large.

3. Restoration Architecture


David Schwade and Dakota Hendon established the firm. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry and over 100 projects completed or in progress as a firm, ANDstudio has the knowledge and experience to help you realize projects of any size or complexity. With the work ethic of New Yorkers and roots in Miami, ANDstudio provides a level of service and breadth of experience that is rare in South Florida.

ABM Architects

Alfaz Miller co-founded the Firm in 1972 as a Principal Architect. The firm has evolved with changing times and has a young workforce, guided by experienced professionals in the core team.

4. Technology Architecture


HDR is an integrated, multidisciplinary design practice dedicated to creating places and spaces that elevate the human spirit and inspire human endeavors. The firm is inspired to design buildings and evolve space typologies to provide solutions to societal challenges and create stronger, more vibrant communities. In their design studios across the globe, they have taken a commitment to ever-greater design excellence that sustains our culture.


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