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Hiring: Architect - Senior Level
<span class="custom-text-variable-c372f618-3e61-489d-91d2-70780d86ba9e" style="color:inherit;display:inline-block"><span style="color:rgb(21, 57, 146)">Hiring: Architect - Senior Level</span></span>

Location: Boston, MA

Job Type: On-Site

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About the Firm

MKA emphasizes an artisanal practice of architecture. With eighteen years of experience in projects large and small, they are cognizant of the unique challenges of each design and the unique needs of each client. Their concepts are carefully considered, and designs rigorously thought out. The work is a result of a patient, but consistently creative approach.

Job Description:

MKA Architecture, an intentionally small design-oriented practice seeks a senior technically-oriented architect to supervise work products, exercise quality control, engage with contractors and consultants and mentor our talented young staff. Report directly to and collaborate with the Principal - No Office Politics. Recipients of many design awards, our growing portfolio includes an unusually wide range of built projects, usually smaller in size and higher in complexity. Path to equity position open to discussion for the right candidate. Specially ventilated office space, vaccination policy

Job Responsibilities:

Management of overall work product of the office, direct project management of selected projects. Training + mentoring junior staff, coordination with the principal.  

Knowledge Requirements

  • Architectural Details
  • Client Coordination
  • 3D models
  • technical drawings
  • Architectural Design
  • zoning
  • SD, DD,CD,CA
  • Building permits
  • Building codes
  • Building Materials

Software Skills

  • Autocad


Basic benefits package, other aspects negotiable.

Minimum Education Level:


Experience Requirement:

7 -40 Years


Can Sponsor

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