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Hiring: Senior Architect
<span class="custom-text-variable-c372f618-3e61-489d-91d2-70780d86ba9e" style="color:inherit;display:inline-block"><span style="color:rgba(21, 57, 146, 1)">Hiring: Senior Architect</span></span>

Location: Miami Beach, FL

Job Type: On-Site

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About the Firm

THIRLWALL is a design practice with fifteen years of experience in private homes, apartments, commercial, hospitality, and retail design. Thirlwall has developed and sustained a reputation for excellence in design and provides turn-key services including conceptual design, design development, construction documentation and administration, landscape design, and bespoke furnishings and branding.

Job Description

Thirlwall is looking for highly motivated, inquisitive, design process-oriented talent with innate good taste and a process-driven aesthetic. Hard work and dedication are key tenants for this position as well as enthusiasm for teamwork and organization and a love of what you do! Thirlwall has a broad variety of projects that range from residential to hospitality to multi-family, they strive to make each project unique and to lead in the global design forum, they do not overuse precedent and dedicate time to material and unique building system research and development.

Job Responsibilities

Senior managing architect roles:

  • define and oversee CAD and pen set and PDF/.dwg files to control company aesthetic
  • define and oversee paper space layouts of CAD/Revit drawings, tags and schedules, all index sheets for Arch, LA, and ID, and any detail work to uphold office design standards
  • define and oversee all presentation material to maintain and define office aesthetic
  • lead staff on renderings and Photoshop and InDesign style to create individual projects and define continuity of office format
  • define & lead office documentation management and filing for efficient and precise hard-copy and electronic information filing lead designer


  • manage and schedule design and implementation on a daily/weekly basis multiple projects
  • oversee and determine teams of design staff, implement goals and design and monitor progress and define and maintain deadlines
  • define individual projects and deadlines based on ownership goals and monitor progress
  • provide weekly reports and to-do lists for management to review
  • coordinate meetings twice weekly for review of projects times lines, design challenges, construction administration reviews, and overall conformity to contractual obligations and design intent
  • coordinate with owners, subcontractors, engineers, and other design professionals and suppliers to ensure projects continuity

Basic office responsibilities:

  • be a key holder to the office
  • open and close office during regular business hours as needed
  • answer phone/take messages and follow up
  • answer front door to office and parking as needed
  • client greeting and arrange/schedule office visits
  • paperwork and online Dropbox filing
  • minor HR input and employee reports assisting in handling employee relations
  • monitor project progress based on contractual obligati