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Architecture Firm Spotlight #02: Beau Avedissian of Hyper Architects
May 19, 2021 at 5:00 PM
by Vaishnavi More
hyperarchitects 1.png

Interview by Vaishnavi More, Founder and CEO at Archslate

Edited by Sidhanth Thomas

Having earned his Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Technology, Sydney, Beau Avedissian went on to win multiple accolades leading up to him working on many projects from small-scale dwellings to large-scale healthcare development. Beau focuses on the larger picture, of how design impacts the senses. He lays special emphasis on the archetype, “humans in space.”

Archslate: Tell us a little bit about what HyperArchitects is and how it all began?

Beau Avedissian: I started soon after university. I studied at the University of Technology in Sydney. Having worked at a few other practices, I was always interested in starting my own business and working for myself. I was also doing smaller jobs for other companies. I met up with a friend called Carol with whom I studied at UTS. We began working on two projects in China. Now we are expanding our business in both Australia and China. She is now my wife and we are running this together.

I am more oriented towards the creative side of the business - I tend to think of the ideas and the concepts. She is a lot more analytical - She is great with the numbers side of the business so it is a perfect match.

Archslate: What was that point that made you decide you wanted to start your practice?

Beau Avedissian: The interest stemmed from my curiosity in running my own business in high school. My dad was always running his own businesses. He gave me a couple of books. There is one in particular called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I read it when I was 14 and at the time I did not fully understand what the book was about. However, I did get the idea that there were two paths- You either work building someone else’s business or you work towards building your own business.

At 14 I understood that concept. I was fixated on the way to my own business. Throughout high school, I did other businesses where I began building my acumen. Once out of high school, I started a food truck company called Volkswurst. All of which was quite entrepreneurial. Early on, I was fixated on materializing the idea that I was not going to work for someone in the architecture industry. Instead, I would spend a couple of years gathering experience and understanding the risks associated with founding a business. I was not intimidated by the prospect at all, I saw that as a challenge and I enjoyed that.

"I probably read it when I was 14 and at the time I didn't fully understand what the book was all about. However, I did get the idea that there were two paths - You either work for someone or you work towards building your own business."

Diamond Bay Mall by Hyper Architects

Materialising the void by Hyper Architects

Archslate: As architects, we have a creative side that comes to us naturally. Going out there and getting more projects, more work, and sales is the difficult part. What is your strategy for getting more projects?

Beau Avedissian: I find a lot of architects are not very proactive.