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5 Methods to Build a More Sustainable Home
September 26, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Devayani Bapat

If you’ve been watching those Youtube videos about greener, cleaner, and more sustainable living, I feel you! Making the shift from “regular” living to a zero-waste reality always seems hard however it need not be. Are you looking to make the shift and take on a greener way of life or have you been wanting to live in a home that accommodates and adopts your choice of lifestyle? Either way, you’ve come to the right spot. We’re about to tell you simple ways in which you can make that shift in your lifestyle.

When one decides to make the shift, people often assume that they have to now live the zero waste life and live in a zero energy home, that essentially means that your home produces more energy than it consumes, although we like to believe that while making the shift and restricting oneself to that extent is hard, we also believe that taking small steps to a greener future also helps and goes a long way.

Here are 5 Methods to Build a More Sustainable Home

1. Build Small

2. Use Solar Energy Wherever Possible

3. Use a Cooler Roof

4. Recycle Wherever You Can!

1. Build Small

Let’s start small, shall we? The first step to a green home is building small. No matter the argument one may try to make, a larger home will in most scenarios use more energy as it occupies larger square footage of the area. When one takes the decision of making a shift to building an energy-efficient home, building small is indeed the first step. One might state that a larger home can be built with environmentally friendly tech and have all the green requirements in place but what one fails to understand is that a home that is smaller in the same aspect will utilize less energy and hence be more energy efficient.

It’s easy for one to be put off by the option of a tiny house under the false pretext of a tiny house which might translate to downsizing and living like a miser with less stuff, however, this is not true at all and that’s where your architect steps in. Hire someone who can build your home according to your lifestyle and accommodate everything that you need and desire in the space of a tiny home. Trust us, once you make the shift you won’t regret it and neither will you ever want to go back to “conventional” living ever again.

2. Use Solar Energy Wherever Possible

The sun is the biggest, brightest and one of the best sources of energy one can ask for. One of the first and most important steps towards green living is to make the energy shift and powering your house using solar panels. Not only is the sun a clean and now a low-cost source of energy but it is also extremely powerful and efficient. All you have to do is make sure you utilize the location of your house best to make the most of your investment and you’re ready to go. Don’t fear the aesthetic for there are many alternatives available in the market now, such as solar shingles, that add just the look and finish you’re seeking whilst of course helping you utilize solar energy to its greatest potential.

3. Use a Cooler Roof

If you want your home to be the coolest person on the block we suggest cooling your roof as the best option. More often than not, people fail to recognize how the materials used whilst building their homes can have an effect on the amount of energy that their house consumes. If you use a material that absorbs sunlight, heats up instantly, and does not keep your home cool, in turn, your usage of energy to battle these issues, within your home and maintain a cooler indoor environment, will increase.

The steps you might take are using coolers or air conditioners within your home to maintain the desired room temperature, however, these gadgets use up extreme levels of electricity and have a very high level of energy consumption apart from also releasing certain greenhouse gases into the air in turn leading to air pollution and causing environmental hazards.

4. Recycle Wherever Possible

The last method we can think of that’s easy and convenient for you to adopt as a part of your life is RECYCLE. Recycle wherever possible. When we say recycle we don’t just mean recycling your old clothes or bags, we also mean using recycled materials in the building of your homes. For instance, with the introduction of Fill Insulation, one can opt for the usage of recycled wood, bamboo, and other such materials for building their homes instead of opting for new materials.

This not only helps in saving your costs but also acts as a preventative measure to reduce waste creation and addition to the environment. Choose to live responsibly and make greener choices. We at ArchSlate believe that a small step goes a long way. To a greener future for generations to come.


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