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5 Architecture Firms Storming into the Scene in 2021
September 20, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Sidhanth Thomas

From the whirlwind that was the year 2020, in 2021, the evolution of concepts, and the changing context of design has brought about many firms that strive to carve an eclectic niche for themselves in the architecture industry, putting on the table something fresh and exciting. From new social constructs to refining skill sets and keeping the requirements of a pandemic in mind, some firms have shored up their creative minds, being purposeful while adopting a new aesthetic.

We’ll be talking about architecture firms emerging over the past few years and slowly being brought into the limelight for their creative use of interdisciplinary sense, unique projects, and incorporating contemporary materials into their work. These firms have brought something dynamic to the built environment, keeping in mind the demands of the new and evolving world with a sense of non-linear creativity characterized by a strong base design sense.

1. noa* - Network of Architecture

Led by founders Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier and founded in 2011, the young team of architects and designers follow the concept of “emergence.” Creating an edifice metaphorically rising out of its surrounding, they let the methods of construction and design evolve in stages, thus emphasizing the material look of the project.

With spritzes of modernism, Network of Architecture has a special focus in the hospitality industry with a holistic approach and strategy incorporating many aspects of the land around the project including the usage of sustainable and naturalistic materials such as wood types and stone.

Image Credits - @AlexFilz

2. Cumulus Studio

Specializing in tourism, residential, commercial, heritage, urban design, and interior architecture, Cumulus Studio operates out of 4 offices in Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, and Adelaide all acting as one combined studio in order to ensure cohesiveness and collaboration across projects. Also partnering with a number of external specialist consultants to investigate ideas with collaboration and a diverse set of ideas and designs, Cumulus Studio’s wide array of eclectic projects stand as a testament to that method.

They believe that through working together a critical mass of ideas can be accumulated quickly – forming idea clouds. These ideas can take on any size or form and be manipulated to suit conditions. Putting these precepts into direct use through partnership and collaboration, they are able to generate shared inputs and add unique structures to the built environment.

Image Credits: Anjie Blair, Rob Burnett, and Luke Waldron

3. Studio Saxe

Establishing his own practice in Costa Rica, the studio’s founded Benjamin Garcia Saxe wanted to explore our relationship with the natural environment through architecture and design. Made up of a multidisciplinary team, Studio Saxe was founded on the ideals that buildings must connect to their landscape, whether a tropical paradise or concrete jungle using technological innovation with local handicraft techniques to create sustainable designs.

Their designs possess a unique local identity carefully crafted with local knowledge mixed in with truly global designs. Working alongside clients and consultants, they approach every project as an opportunity to improve already existing methods and techniques. This is apparent in their projects, beautifully incorporating the aforementioned aspects.

Image Credits: Andres Garcia Lachner

4. Skylab Architecture

Formed in Portland, the team behind Skylab characterize themselves as “makers,” - curious, industrious, and experimental. They offer services that are unique and customized, making use of a holistic methodology to problem-solving and reaching client expectations across a multidisciplinary plane, from architecture and interior design to branded environments and planning.

Looking to the future, they create today what they believe will shape tomorrow, revealing the unseen through a team of architects, designers, creators, and entrepreneurs. Working across a wide scale of landscapes and locations, Skylab has emerged with a unique niche in the built environment, winning them accolades, most prominently the 2018 A+Award.

5. Michael Green Architecture

Coming to international acclaim, Michael Green Architecture was established in 2012 and created a new hallmark for itself, being known for its innovation in sustainable architecture and usage of advanced wood products and technologies. Not allowing themselves to be one-dimensional, they pride themselves on choosing systems and finishes for each project based on the clients’ needs. They are especially known for their expertise and beliefs in urban sustainability and social equity.

They believe in how every project they do has a unique story and that it is the responsibility of the structure to bring out the spirit of the client and community making careful material choices keeping in mind the overall sustainable value of each project. These attributes are why Michael Green Architecture was able to bring themselves to international acclaim in recent years.


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