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4 Major Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring for your Firm
July 25, 2021 at 6:30 PM
by Devayani Bapat

You have washed the rice, added in some lukewarm water, sprinkled in that pinch of salt, and set the cooker onto the gas. It’s been 5 mins and the cooker is hissing and shrieking, dropping hints. The whistle is about to blow...the pressure is on. You know that if the water is too much or too little, or the salt fell in a dash more than you intended, or if the heats are too high or the flame is down too low, the outcome isn’t going to be what you desired it to be.

This is exactly what it seems like when one sets out to hire new talent for their firm. The job has been sitting around, the seat empty, waiting to be filled. The pressure is building to fill up the spot, however, there are certain nitty-gritties you have to look into and certain steps you have to take to ensure that you find just the right fit for your company. The process is somewhat like goldilocks and her struggle to find just the right bed and dinner table seat for herself. She makes the mistakes to get herself the optimum satisfaction and here we are to help you, unlike Goldilocks, avoid the hassle of going through and over common hiring mistakes to find yourself that perfect match!

We believe that your new recruit should not embody the law of diminishing marginal utility. The satisfaction with his or her work and attitude must remain constant for your firm to aid you in welcoming that person into your company.

Four Major Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring for your Firm

1. Hiring too quickly or taking your own sweet time

2. A skewed job description

3. Never Skip the phone-call

4. Better Technology - That’s where we step in

1. Hiring Too Quickly or Taking your Own Sweet Time

Very often when the pressure is painstakingly high, HR managers tend to rush with the recruitment process. They interview multiple candidates and without putting much thought into the process, pick the first candidate that they think looks right on paper and go ahead with offering them the position.

One must understand that recruitment is a time-consuming and tedious process that has to be experienced to the fullest and has to live its full cycle. It’s not something that can be rushed, for this can lead to complications in the future, in turn leading to a tumultuous relationship between the employer and the new recruit, thereby leading to either the candidate being laid off or the candidate leaving the firm on their own accord, thereby leading to that empty seat all over again. Not hiring the right person for your firm is a vicious cycle and to avoid this cycle from occurring repeatedly, hire correctly and take your time with the process.

On the other hand, taking too much time is not advisable too. Give the position the time and attention it deserves however do not ponder over it for too long for candidates too might eventually lose interest in the position and the company. This can cause reputational hazards for the firm thereby leading to a smaller number of applicants pouring in over the years. Not only this but holding off a position for too long can also lead to productivity taking a massive hit. If you’re short-staffed it can lead to other employees taking on more responsibility trying to fill in for the role in question, therefore leading to job dissatisfaction and an overall lack of efficiency, and increased human error.